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Trump ‘butchered half the Hindi dictionary’: Trevor Noah makes fun of US president’s pronunciation

‘Trump may not be able to pronounce Hindi words but he can’t pronounce English words either.’

By NL Team

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Donald Trump’s visit to India has provided plenty of fodder to American TV news channels and late-night shows alike. While John Oliver used the US president’s ongoing visit to call out India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, for his divisive politics, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show took Trump to task for his ridiculous pronunciations of Indian names, from Su-chin Tendulkar to Swami Vive-kamumun. He described it as Trump butchering half the Hindi dictionary.

Addressing those who were mad at Trump for doing so, Noah argued, “Don’t be mad. Trump may not be able to pronounce Hindi words but he can’t pronounce English words either. So, he’s an equal opportunity offender.”

Unlike Oliver, Noah didn’t comment about the widespread protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. He, though, mentioned in passing the wall that was hurriedly built in Ahmedabad to hide the slums that fell on the President’s route.

Noah kept his show light, cracking jokes about how the biggest concern for Trump’s supporters was how he would survive on vegetables for two days. At one point, Noah mentioned how cows were allowed to roam around in India, and added, “Can you imagine how hard that’s gonna be for him? He hasn’t eaten beef for two days, and then he is just gonna see cows everywhere. And then he’s gonna be like, OMG, I’m hallucinating. All the cows I’ve eaten have come back to haunt me!”

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