‘We have lost everything’: Muslim women driven from their homes in Shiv Vihar

Shiv Vihar was among the North East Delhi neighbourhoods worst affected by last week’s communal violence.

WrittenBy:Veena Nair& Anusuya Som
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Communal violence wracked North East Delhi last week, leaving at least 42 people dead and several hundred injured.

Shiv Vihar was one of the areas worst affected by the violence. It still resembles a war zone, littered with burnt houses, vehicles, and shops.

In the wake of the violence, Muslims fled the neighbourhood. Many of them, especially women and children, took shelter in Chaman Park and Indira Vihar nearby.

“We have lost everything,” several women told Newslaundry. They claimed the rioters weren’t their neighbours, but “men from outside”.

Saida Begum said the mob not only hurt her but also looted her money and valuables.

Many of the children who fled Shiv Vihar were enrolled in a neighbourhood school that was burnt down by the mob. They didn’t know if they would ever go back to school.



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