This article has been suspended

We regret the oversight.

ByNL Team
This article has been suspended
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This article was meant to explore how news organisations are unwilling to acknowledge their conflicts of interest when they report on anything that their owners or managements have a commercial interest in. In this case, it was HT Media Ltd's interest in Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd, which is licensed to make and distribute the drug remdesivir.

While the article did so, it also weighed in definitively on the efficacy of a specific Covid-19 treatment that’s still being tried and tested, and used across the country in life and death situations by qualified doctors. We think it is best not to comment on the effectiveness of specific treatments until there is a consensus about their use, or otherwise, within the medical fraternity. For it involves a new disease that the world is trying to combat with new and untested treatments. It’s a matter of life and death, and we can’t be careful enough.

So, we are pulling down this article. We regret the oversight.

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