Let’s Talk About: Child Trafficking (Teaser)

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It is estimated that a child goes missing in India every eight minutes. That’s one full classroom of students disappearing every few hours. Almost 40% of these children are never found. Families are torn apart.

Tune into this snippet of Let’s Talk About where Newslaundry’s Snigdha Sharma delves into the complexities of child trafficking in India: how and why is it so prevalent? What forms does it take? Who is most vulnerable? What is being done to prevent it? Through a series of sobering interviews, she speaks to victims, experts, and journalists on the frontlines to understand the many aspects of India’s child trafficking crisis.

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Written and narrated by Snigdha Sharma, produced by Parikshit Sanyal, and edited by Harshula Sharma & Umrav Singh.

Acknowledgements: IMPULSE NGO Network and Save The Children

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