‘Manipulated media’: Twitter flags Amit Malviya’s tweet on farmer protests

The BJP IT cell head posted a clipped video to rebut the claim that the farmers were beaten up by police.

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‘Manipulated media’: Twitter flags Amit Malviya’s tweet on farmer protests
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In an attempt to crack down on misinformation spread by political leaders, Twitter has added a warning to one of BJP IT cell Amit Malviya’s tweets on the farmer protests. “Manipulated media” reads the warning affixed to the tweet containing a video clip that has been clipped to rebut Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s claim that police had beaten up protesting farmers.

Alt News, among other fact checkers, have explained how the video posted by Malviya is manipulated.

Twitter has taken to placing warnings on posts that spread misinformation, especially by political leaders. Most prominently, the social media company has added warnings to misleading or inaccurate tweets by the United States president, Donald Trump.

Malviya is probably the first prominent Indian politician to receive the warning from Twitter.

If you don’t yet know who Malviya is – which is unlikely if you have ever heard the term “fake news”, for the two go hand in hand – read this Newslaundry factcheck.

Or, watch this episode of TV Newsance.


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