Session with NL Sena – Episode 03
NL Sena

Session with NL Sena – Episode 03

In which Newslaundry reporters talk to NL Sena contributors: The peaceful army that keeps news unafraid and independent.

By NL Team

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Have you read the latest NL Sena story on the ‘Murthal rapes’? In this podcast, the reporter of the story, Manisha Pande, discusses the difficulties of following the story and takes up questions from those who contributed to it.

The story was made possible thanks to Suraj Prakash, Jyoti Dubey, Prasoon Diwakar, Utsav Mannu, Navjot Kaur, Varun Gulshan, Geetha Janardhana, Ruchita Manghnani, Arnab Chatterjee and other members of the NL Sena. We want to do more such stories and you can help. Be a part of the NL Sena and do your bit to keep news independent and unafraid. Click here.

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